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๐Ÿ“Š How does the usage-based billing model work?
๐Ÿ“Š How does the usage-based billing model work?

Discover GigRadar's innovative usage model, featuring Sardor AI for crafting personalized proposals on Upwork.

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What is the usage billing model?

The usage model introduced by GigRadar offers an alternative billing structure for users who want to take advantage of the AI-generated proposals feature, Sardor AI. This model allows users to pay based on their actual usage, in contrast to the flat-rate subscription plan.

Under the usage model, users are billed per proposal at a rate of $1 for AI-generated proposals and $0.5 for templated proposals. This flexible payment system is designed to provide a more cost-effective solution for users, who can now choose between AI-generated and templated proposals based on their preferences and budget.

Previously, the flat-rate plan allowed users to send an unlimited number of templated proposals for a fixed monthly fee. With the introduction of the usage model, users can decide whether to switch to the new model or remain on the old plan based on their individual needs and usage patterns.

When a customer switches to GigRadar's usage-based plan, their subscription price is directly converted into usage credits.

โ—๏ธFor example, if the subscription price is $1 per month, users will receive 1 usage credits each month on the usage plan. These credits can be used to send proposals through the platform, and any additional credits needed beyond the subscription allowance will be charged at the end of the billing period. The credits are non-transferable, non-refundable, and non-fungible, so unused credits will not be transferred to the next month.

If the user subscription price is $1 and they exceed the allowed usage of credits (1) by (26), their excess usage of $26.00 will be charged at the end of the billing period.

All users can find information about their current month's usage on the home page.

Comparison between new and old plan:


Flat Fee

Usage Model

Price per one templated proposal



Price per one AI proposal



Proposal Sending Limit


Limited to subscription credits, then charged as extra cost at the end of the billing cycle

Auto Bidder Average Application Time

15-20 minutes

10-15 minutes

Dashboard Sync

Every 2 hours

Every 1 hour

Proposal Reply Alerts & Invitation Alerts

Every 2 hours

Every 1 hour

Other perks of the Usage-based plan, apart from access to Sardor AI:

  • Quicker Dashboard Sync: get your Upwork dashboard updated 2x more often than before.

  • Faster Proposals and Notifications: At least 5 minutes faster than users on the old plan.


  1. Can I switch back to the old plan if the usage model doesn't work for me? Yes, GigRadar respects its clients' preferences and will provide the option to roll back to the previous plan if the usage model doesn't suit your needs.

  2. Will I lose any features if I switch to the usage model? No, you'll still have access to all the features available in the flat-rate plan, but now you also gain access to the AI-generated proposals powered by Sardor AI.

  3. How do I keep track of my usage and billing under the new model? GigRadar provides a dashboard where users can monitor their proposal usage and the associated costs, making it easy to manage their spending and budget.

  4. Can I still use the templated proposals if I switch to the usage model? Yes, you can continue to use templated proposals under the usage model, with a cost of $0.5 per templated proposal.

  5. Will Sardor AI be available for the old flat fee model? No, Sardor AI is only available for users who switch to the usage model.

  6. How do I switch to the usage model? To switch to the usage model, you can either contact GigRadar through the in-app chat or reach out to your customer success manager.

  7. Are there no more unlimited proposals? Unlimited proposals are only available on the old flat fee plan, which will be retired soon.

  8. Can I switch back to the previous plan if I upgrade now? Yes, you can temporarily switch back to the flat fee plan anytime. However, be aware that the old plan will be retired soon.

  9. What are the other benefits of the usage model? The usage model offers faster dashboard sync and faster proposals.

  10. Can I buy more usage credits upfront than those included in my subscription? Currently, this option is not available, but GigRadar is working on offering more commitment plans with discounts.

  11. Can I transfer my credits to the next month? No, usage credits cannot be transferred to the next month.

  12. Will you refund for wrong and incorrectly generated proposals? No, GigRadar will charge for all successfully sent proposals. However, they offer free assistance in configuring your proposal settings to ensure optimal results.

  13. Will you charge for unsuccessful proposals? No, if a proposal fails to send due to technical issues, you will not be charged.

  14. What happens when I reach my monthly usage credit limit? Once you reach your monthly usage credit limit, you will not be able to send additional proposals until the next billing cycle begins or you upgrade to a higher subscription tier.

  15. Can I monitor my usage credit consumption? Yes, you can keep track of your usage credits through your GigRadar dashboard, which will provide real-time updates on your remaining credits.

  16. What if I want to use Sardor AI for only a few specific proposals, while using templated proposals for the rest? You can choose to use Sardor AI for specific proposals and continue using templated proposals for others. However, please note that the cost of each proposal will be deducted from your usage credits.

  17. How is the quality of Sardor AI-generated proposals ensured? GigRadar has performed rigorous testing to ensure that Sardor AI-generated proposals meet high-quality standards. Additionally, you can customize the configuration settings to better suit your needs. Please be aware that Sardor AI is early in development, so there might be risks and inaccuracies included.

  18. Will my data be secure when using Sardor AI? Yes, GigRadar takes data security seriously. They ensure that your data is protected and adhere to strict security measures, as detailed in their privacy policy.

  19. Is there any additional support or training available for using Sardor AI effectively? Yes, GigRadar offers support and training to help you make the most of Sardor AI. You can reach out to their customer success team for personalized assistance.

  20. How does the new "pay-per-proposal" model affect the quality of the proposals generated by Sardor AI? The new "pay-per-proposal" model allows GigRadar to allocate more resources towards the Sardor AI algorithm, improving the overall quality and effectiveness of the proposals generated.

  21. Can I customize the proposals generated by Sardor AI? Yes, Sardor AI-generated proposals can be customized using the provided variables and settings. This allows you to tailor the proposals to your target audience and specific needs.

  22. How secure is my data when using Sardor AI? GigRadar takes data security seriously and has implemented robust security measures to protect your data. All your information is encrypted, and access is limited to authorized personnel only.

  23. How quickly will my proposals be sent using the new usage model? The new usage model allows for faster proposal sending due to the more efficient allocation of resources. The exact speed depends on the number of proposals you're sending and the complexity of the customization.

  24. Can I track the performance of my AI-generated proposals? Yes, GigRadar provides detailed analytics and reporting for all the proposals sent through their platform. This allows you to monitor their effectiveness and make data-driven decisions for your lead generation efforts.

  25. Is there a learning curve for using Sardor AI, or is it user-friendly? Sardor AI is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. GigRadar offers tutorials and assistance to help you get started and make the most of the AI-generated proposals.

  26. What happens when I reach the subscription limit? When you reach the limit of your subscription, you will be charged for excess usage at the end of the billing period. The additional charges will be based on the per-proposal rates for your subscription plan.

  27. Will the quality of AI-generated proposals improve over time? Yes, GigRadar is committed to continuously improving the quality of AI-generated proposals. As more users adopt the usage model and provide feedback, the AI will learn and adapt, resulting in better proposals over time.

  28. Can I preview the AI-generated proposals before they are sent? Yes, you have the option to review and edit AI-generated proposals before they are sent to the client. This allows you to ensure the proposal meets your standards and is tailored to the specific job post.

  29. Can I collaborate with my team members while using Sardor AI? Yes, GigRadar provides team collaboration features that allow you to work with your team members on proposals, including those generated by Sardor AI.

  30. Is there any training or support available for using Sardor AI effectively? GigRadar offers comprehensive support, including tutorials, documentation, and customer support, to help you make the most of Sardor AI and the usage model. You can reach out to their support team for assistance at any time.

  31. Can I integrate Sardor AI with my existing tools and workflow? GigRadar is working on providing integrations with popular tools and platforms. While some integrations may be available, it's best to check with their support team to confirm compatibility with your specific tools and workflow. Please ask your customer success manager about integrating with our API for more details.

The usage model aims to strike a balance between cost and value, ensuring that users only pay for the proposals they actually use while still benefiting from the advanced features and competitive edge that Sardor AI provides. Users can choose between the new usage model and the old flat-rate plan based on their individual needs and preferences.

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