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πŸ“ The Art of Making a Strong First Impression with Your Cover Letter
πŸ“ The Art of Making a Strong First Impression with Your Cover Letter

Discover why the initial 240 characters of your cover letter can make or break your proposal

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A significant number of freelancers and agencies on Upwork may not completely grasp how to utilize the power of a cover letter effectively. We at GigRadar noticed this common pitfall and decided to shed some light on this crucial aspect.

Before we delve deeper, it's important to recognize that freelancers often focus on several key aspects when applying for a job: their profile picture, specialized profile title, hourly rate, badges or Job Success Score, and their set of skills.

Now, where does the cover letter come into play?🧐

As you may have surmised, a cover letter is a crucial tool in your arsenal, but there's a catch!

❗ When potential clients are browsing through proposals on Upwork, they only get to see the first three sentences of your cover letter

The implication of this is crystal clear: The opening lines of your cover letter carry massive weight. You need to make them powerful and persuasive.

Look again at those 3 sentences / 240 characters:

ℹ️ Imagine being in a client's shoes: would you be captivated by a cover letter that commences with the same, tired phrase, "Dear Hiring Manager, I'm writing to express my interest in the job you've posted"? Probably not.

That's why optimizing the beginning of your cover letter is vital. It's your golden chance to distinguish yourself from the pack and leave a lasting impression. Aim to be precise, engaging, and, above all, unique.

πŸ“Œ Extra Tips for GigRadar Users:

πŸ“„ Template Bidders

If you're used to working with pre-written cover letter templates, make sure they pack a punch right from the start.

Remember, your aim is to offer something valuable that your target customers can't resist. Stay away from overused phrases and consider opening with a catchy or useful statement.

πŸ’‘ Example:


Cover Letter's Beginning:

πŸ€– Sardor AI

If you're using Sardor AI, always place a prompt at the beginning of your cover letter. Sardor will then take care of tailoring the content for each client.
πŸ’‘ Example:

Cover Letter's Beginning with prompts:

To make the most of this feature, take some time to learn more about Sardor AI and prompts. This knowledge could give you a competitive edge!

❓ FAQ:

❓ Can I break up the start of my cover letter into paragraphs?

Yes, you can! Upwork lets you use up to 240 characters (without spaces) at the start of your cover letter. So, you can create small paragraphs if you want.

❓ Can I start my cover letter by saying hello and asking about the client's day?

You can, but it's not always the best idea. It's better to get straight to the point. If someone else does this, they might get noticed more than you. So, try not to use your important first lines just to be polite.

❓ Can I begin my cover letter with a link to my portfolio?

We don't suggest doing this. Some clients might not like to see links right at the start.

❓ Can I use emojis at the start of my cover letter?

Yes, emojis can make your cover letter more interesting. But remember, if your cover letter is too long or boring, an emoji won't save it. Try to keep it short and interesting

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