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Sardor AI: known issues and limitations
Sardor AI: known issues and limitations

Explore solutions for Sardor AI's known issues to optimize your Upwork bidding process.

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Sardor AI: Known Issues and Limitations

Sardor AI is a revolutionary service that significantly enhances your Upwork bidding process. However, as with any sophisticated AI technology, there are certain issues and limitations that users should be aware of. Here, we aim to identify and offer solutions to these known issues, to ensure you get the most from our service.

Issues and Solutions:

1. Unexpected mutations in cover letters:

Some users have reported unexpected changes in their cover letters outside of the [placeholders]. AI models, while advanced, can sometimes 'hallucinate' or make unexpected modifications, especially when dealing with complex inputs.

To minimize this:

  • a) Avoid including long links in your templates. Long URLs can confuse the AI, leading to unexpected outcomes. Instead, consider using short URLs or omitting links entirely.

  • b) Keep your cover letters concise. Overly lengthy cover letters can overcomplicate the AI processing and also aren't optimal for Upwork engagements. Short and targeted cover letters have shown to perform better.

  • c) Limit each prompt that you give to Sardor. Always consider cases where Sardor might not have enough information, and might default to a fallback value. Define clear instructions and limit the scope of what you want the AI to handle.

2. Puzzle-solving attempts:

Remember, Sardor is already equipped to identify and respond to client's anti-bot checks. Trying to instruct Sardor to solve puzzles within the cover letter is unnecessary and may confuse the AI.

3. Instructions not enclosed in [brackets]:

Please remember to enclose all your instructions in [brackets]. Sardor uses these brackets to identify the sections of text it needs to replace or work with. If instructions are not in brackets, Sardor might overlook them, leading to suboptimal outcomes.

4. Referring to unavailable information:

Sardor can only use the information that is available to it. Please avoid referencing data that isn't accessible, as it could lead to confusion and inaccuracies in the cover letter.

Available information includes:

  • Client's name

  • Client's project details

  • Client's location

  • Your skills and expertise

In conclusion, we continuously strive to improve Sardor's functionality and enhance your Upwork bidding experience. Your feedback is invaluable in this journey, and we encourage you to share your experiences and suggestions. Happy bidding!

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