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How to create an Agency on Upwork
How to create an Agency on Upwork

To use the most of GigRadar, you need to connect your Upwork agency. Learn how to do it in this post.

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If you want to create an agency to help market the services of a team you’ve created, you’ll first need to create a freelancer account for the person who will be the agency owner.

Once that account is activated

  1. Go to Settings > Contact Info

  2. Scroll down to Additional accounts

  3. Select New Agency Account

After you create your agency, the Account Menu will be where you can switch between your personal and agency account views. A person can only “own” one agency on Upwork. You won’t be able to make another one.

How to upgrade to Agency Plus

GigRadar requires you to add a dedicated Business Manager to your agency in order to get the statistics and send the proposals for you. Please learn more about how GigRadar sends your proposals here.

You are required to upgrade to Agency Plus in order to be able to invite the Business Manager people to your account.

To subscribe to Agency Plus:

1. Log In to and switch to your agency profile

2. Go to Settings -> Membership & Connects and switch your plan to Agency Plus

You should see the below message if you are successfully subscribed:

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