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How does GigRadar apply to jobs on your behalf?
How does GigRadar apply to jobs on your behalf?
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Upwork is a unique platform where you have an opportunity to completely outsource lead generation by entering an agency.

How Upwork agencies work

There are 2 types of members in Upwork agencies:

  1. Business managers

  2. Agency members

The role of business managers is to manage the agency, outbound, and inbound leads on Upwork.

Business managers can submit a proposal on behalf of any agency member. They can edit or withdraw all agency proposals and accept or decline all offers. Agency members can also submit proposals themselves, which will be binding on the agency.

When choosing a project in the Upwork job feed, the agency business manager can choose one of the agency members and submit a proposal to that project from his name.

Example: Sending an Upwork proposal

Let's say you are a freelancer Artem.

You joined an Upwork agency called Auxility.

In this agency, there are a couple of business managers.

Let's say the currently active business manager is Dmytro.

Dmytro sees a great project on the Upwork job feed and wants to apply for it on behalf of your team.

Dmytro clicks "Submit a proposal" and chooses Artem in "Who will this proposal come from?"

Dmytro writes a tailored proposal for this project and clicks "Submit".

Outcome: How does it look like for an Upwork client?

Despite all the process done by the business manager Dmytro, the proposal comes from Artem's name.

Upwork client sees Artem's face, Artem's message, and Artem's profile.

In the meantime, Artem can be busy with his job and simply enjoy the flow of new customers generated by Dmytro.

That's how Upwork agencies work.


Does the same principle apply to interview invitations?

Yes. Agency business managers can equally apply to interview invitations on behalf of agency freelancers as on outbound Upwork job posts.

How do I create an agency on Upwork?

Please follow our guide to learn how to create your agency on Upwork.

How do I connect my agency to GigRadar?

Please follow our guide describing connecting your agency to GigRadar for more details.

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