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✅ How To: Connect your agency to
✅ How To: Connect your agency to

Learn how you can connect your Upwork agency to your GigRadar team dashboard to collect analytics and stats for your team profiles.

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Invite our Business Manager to your team

Go to Upwork and switch to your agency account at the top right.

Now, click on your agency profile picture and go to Settings → Members & Permissions.

Press Invite New User.

In a modal that appeared, please select the following options:

Invite to Team: Select your primary team you want to add to Team Dashboard

Enter Email Addresses or usernames: Copy the id of your business manager from your GigRadar agency settings page. It should look similar to 52350e00

Message to user (optional): leave empty

Admin: none (if you want to have an option for the manager to automatically top up connects for you, set this to Full)

Business: Manager

Agency Contractor: Non-exclusive

View Work Diaries: individual

Can Chat With: Company

A video walkthrough 👇

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