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How to Top-Up Upwork agency connects?
How to Top-Up Upwork agency connects?

Connects power your proposals. Learn how to top-up in case you run out.

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1. Make sure to switch to your agency account first

Click on your profile picture at the top right and make sure that you have your agency selected.

2. Purchase more connects

Go to Settings -> Membership and Connects or simply follow this link.

Press Buy Connects button.

Purchase the maximum amount of connects. We recommend buying as many connects as possible to keep your balance sufficient for running your lead generation.

3. Enable Auto Top-Up

For reasons outside of our understanding, Upwork has limited the number of connects that one can purchase. Thus, it's easy for the service to be interrupted.

Luckily, our team has designed an Auto Top-Up feature for your GigRadar account.

Your Business Manager will automatically top-up connects when they fall below a certain threshold. You can specify the threshold in the team settings.

Important note for users of Auto Top-Up:

Since Upwork requires Admin permissions for the Business Manager to be able to top-up connects, you have to enable such permissions on the Members & Permissions settings page.

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