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What is Opportunity Notification?
What is Opportunity Notification?

Targeted Upwork job alerts via Slack or Telegram with Opportunity Alerts

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Each scanner possesses a tab called "Alerts," where you can find only one alert: Opportunity's. πŸš€

Why Opportunity?

Because each job posting is an opportunity

You never know, but maybe that job from a no-name client with 0 jobs posted could turn into a multimillion-dollar collaboration for the rest of your days πŸ˜‰.

Once Opportunity Alerts are enabled, and your preferred receiving channel is chosen (Slack or Telegram), this scanner will start sending "Opportunity Notifications," which are simply job postings from Upwork:

Opportunity Notification Contains:

  • πŸ“Œ Link to job posting

  • πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Link to Scanner

  • 🌍 Client's Location

  • πŸ’° Client's Total Spent on Upwork

  • πŸ“Š GigRadar Score Percentage

  • πŸ’² Client's Budget or Hourly Rate for this job

  • πŸ’Ό Client's Average Rate Paid

  • πŸ‘₯ Client's Hire Rate

What does the "Apply" button do?

This button redirects you to Upwork, where you can submit your proposal manually. πŸ“

What about the "Irrelevant" button?

Marking an opportunity as irrelevant impacts your scanner's Relevance Score (Rlvnc):

For example, if your scanner's Relevance Score is low, it's a clear signal to redo this scanner because it's just searching for jobs that are irrelevant to you, and you're wasting your time.

Does marking as irrelevant cancel sending a proposal?

No, it doesn't affect autobidding. It only impacts the Relevance Score.

However, if you have enabled autobidding and opportunity notifications from one scanner, you will receive opportunity alerts, and autobidding will apply to those jobs. You cannot stop sending a selected proposal.

We will implement semi-autobidding soon, allowing you to prevent autobidding on selected proposals. πŸ€–

What's the difference from Upwork's regular search?

Filters. Each of our scanners contains specific filters, so you can tailor it to your needs and receive notifications for jobs that you are targeting. 🎯

It's called a notification because we want to ensure you're always notified when a job is posted on Upwork, so you can react and apply to that job. πŸ“£

What's the difference from Upwork's RSS channel with notifications?

Filters. Each of our scanners contains specific filters, so you can tailor it to your needs and receive notifications for jobs that you are targeting. 🎯

Where can I set up Opportunity Notifications?

At the moment, we have only two options available:

  • Slack Channels

  • Telegram Channels/Chats

How to set up opportunity notifications on Slack?

  1. Create a channel in Slack

  2. Open GigRadar and Slack in the same browser

  3. Click "Add to Slack."

  4. Choose the channel

How to set up opportunity notifications on Telegram?

  1. Create a channel/chat on Telegram

  2. Add the dedicated bot; you will find the bot's ID inside the Alerts tab

  3. Send a command to the Telegram chat, which you will find inside the Alerts tab.

I want to set up my opportunity notifications elsewhere?

  • We are planning to create a Discord integration in the near future.

Can I set up notifications from multiple scanners to one single channel?

  • Yes. For this purpose, we're including a link to the scanner that has detected each opportunity.

What happens if I delete my channel with notifications?

  • You won't receive new notifications, so you'll need to set them up again. πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

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